Green Screens Installed at Landmark Regeneration Project Liverpool

68 Ivy (Hedera helix ‘Woerner’) green screens have been installed into a Liverpool Mutual Homes development, situated on land between Great Homer Street and Kirkdale Road. The regeneration of the prominent landmark tower block, is situated on a major route in and out of Liverpool city centre. The living walls provide much needed screening for the car park and access areas to the housing block from the main road. Simple to install yet instantly effective, the green screens played a part in a much bigger project of regeneration where,  the rundown accommodation was brought back into use and provided residents with modern, high quality apartments and a range of community facilities.

For larger urban landscape projects, gtSpecifier has developed a portfolio of ‘ greening’ solutions that can quickly and cost-effectively become established within an urban project. The latest edition to the range is ivy screening that provides much needed ‘green’ coverage, offers quick establishment and the versatility for inclusion in a number of different applications.  We have worked with landscape acrhitects across the UK with green screening

·         A security fencing solution

·         Environmental credentials

·         Anti-vandalism

·         Creation of a screened areas, decorative features and wind or dust control

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